1.8T Oilcooler-Kit BAR-TEK®

230,00 + VAT

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BAR-TEK® 1.8T Oil Cooler Kit Reduces the oil temperature to approx. 80°C with connection for temperature and oil pressure display increases engine life

The high quality oil cooler kit prevents too high oil temperatures. It ensures a constant oil pressure. Also, the engine seals do not harden, which positively affects the life of the engine.

31 piece complete kit:

  • 13 rows of oil cooler
  • BAR-TEK® oil cooler flange with thermostat. (About 80 ° C)
  • Steel-coated high-pressure lines finished pressed
  • Complete sealing and installation material

Not only is this kit easy to install, its high quality workmanship gives you a constant oil temperature and oil pressure control. Your engine has a long service life thanks to the finished steel sheathed cables.

The BAR-TEK Next Generation oil cooler flange is a development of BAR-TEK. The flange is made of aluminum and is milled from solid. The black anodised surface not only looks good, but also protects the flange against corrosion. The internally installed thermostat ensures an optimum oil temperature of 80 ° C. It is completely maintenance free. With the 1/8 NPT connection, you can also install a temperature and oil pressure gauge. To facilitate assembly, we replaced the conventional screw with a 12mm hex socket nut. So you can also align with normal tool your oil cooler flange and fasten at the same time.

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