2.5L TFSI Audi RS3 & TTRS Oil cooler kit V2 BAR-TEK®

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BAR-TEK® Oil Cooler Kit Complete Kit Optimum oil cooling Constant oil pressure Coated oil cooler

Newest oil cooler kit on the market for the 2.5L TFSI engine, developed by BAR-TEK®. A must have for optimal oil cooling on performance 2.5L TFSI vehicles.

With our V2 kit we have paid special attention to put together an oil cooler kit that can also be installed with a large upgrade intercooler . Here, the 25-row Setrab high-performance radiator is used, which finds its place in front of the side auxiliary water cooler. There is enough space in the middle for a large intercooler, such as APR or Wagner.

The whole kit prevents high oil temperatures, which ensures a constant oil pressure and optimal oil condition. This will positively affect the life of your 5 cylinder.

BAR-TEK® Complete Kit:

  • 25 row high performance SETRAB oil cooler
  • Special BILLET flange for connection to the engine block
  • Integrated thermostat (80°C)
  • Nylon coated high pressure lines
  • Complete gasket and mounting material
  • Oil cooler holder for conversion for mounting on the vehicle

This kit is not only easy to install, but due to its high quality of workmanship, it has a constant oil temperature and oil pressure control. The nylon sheathed lines ensure a long service life.

Note: Minor adjustments to the plastic trim are necessary. The oil cooler brackets must be shortened and screwed against each other (see pictures).

This set contains the following articles:

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