630cc injector kit Siemens Deka 100% matched

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Siemens injectors 100% Matched 630ccm flow at 3 Bar EV 6 Design Plug & Play

Injectors Siemens Deka 630cc flow at 3 bar.

When using a upgrade supercharger, these nozzles are essential. Thus no change of the fuel pressure necessary! Chip must of course be adjusted. It is also recommended to install an additional fuel pump such as our Pierburg pump.

Technical data:

  • 630cc/min at 3 Bar
  • 12-14 Ohm (high impedance)
  • 4 jet with EV6 design
  • Length from O-ring to O-ring start 60mm

Suitable for many models like VR6,G60,16v or 1.8T Audi S2 or RS2. Price per nozzle.

Made in Germany!  PLUS: Nozzles are tested by us and paired with each other! So you get perfectly matched nozzles for your engine!

Even new injectors have a certain spread of the injection amount!
The manufacturers give a tolerance of up to 8% as “normal”. But in the worst case this can lead to incorrect injection amounts per cylinder. As a result, the cylinders get injected different amounts of fuel and the engine does not run clean or it can come to damage to piston or valves! Thanks to our ASNU nozzle test bench, we can also test new injection nozzles and thus pair them optimally with each other. Click here to go directly to our nozzle test bench.

We successfully run these nozzles in our test Golf 1.8T.

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