Conspit CPP.Lite Pedals

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Hydraulic Brake Vibration Pedal Set

Revolutionize your simulated racing experience with CONSPIT’s Hydraulic Brake Vibration Pedal Set. Engineered for speed enthusiasts seeking superior control, this pedal set introduces a next-gen hydraulic system. The innovative internal oil passage design ensures top-notch performance while minimizing wear.




Immerse yourself in the racing world with the pedal set’s stunning black semi-transparent finish. The high-stiffness CNC bracket and T6 heat-treated alloy construction provide stability and durability, promising a lasting performance.

The pedal set’s non-linear sensor and clutch feature an ingenious design that replicates real-world force and stroke, delivering an authentic racing feel. Rigorous testing ensures strict quality adherence to professional standards.

Precision is paramount with high-precision sensors for throttle, clutch Hall sensor, and hydraulic sensor, ensuring accuracy in every virtual race. Customize your racing experience with the M-DVF Vibration Feedback and collaborate with INSPEED RACING through rich software for real-time data and mapping curve adjustments.

Tailor your setup to your preferred racing style, whether it’s Formula Racing or GT Racing, with perfect adjustability. Engage in dynamic gameplay with game adaptation features like acceleration tests, telemetry, lock-ups, and drifting.





Explore a thousand faces of customization for your setup, driven by real racing data and expert opinions from the community. Elevate your experience further with the exclusive “R&B” Edition, designed to take your simulated racing journey to new heights.

Master precision and redefine your simulated racing adventure with CPP.Lite – where innovation meets unparalleled control.

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