PRO AM Simulator Setup

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PRO AM Racing simulator

PRO AM Setup specification:


  • D2D PRO AM Frame (Silver or Black)
  • D2D Tripple monitor stand
  • Racing seat with adjustment sliders
  • Direct Drive Wheel base 12nm
  • Steering wheel with flaps and buttons
  • Load cell or hydraulic pedals
  • H-Shifter
  • Load cell handbrake
  • Single ultrawide 49 inch. monitor or 3x 32 inch. monitors
  • Gaming computer 2lv. specs.
  • Gaming Headphones
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse

D2D PRO AM Frame
Aluminium profile Sim Cockpit, manufactured by
Dream2Drive. Cockpit has no flex with even
the mightiest wheels bases.
Available silver and black color
Dimensions: 1300mm x 600mm


D2D Tripple monitor stand
A D2D triple monitor stand is stable mounting solution designed
to hold three computer monitors simultaneously. Its key feature
is its exceptional stability without any flex or wobbling.
This robust construction provides an ideal setup for sim racing.



Racing seat with adjustment sliders
Bucket racing seat, just like in a race car.
The sliders will allow you to get the most
comfortable seating position.


Direct Drive Wheel base 12nm
The Clubsport DD+ is a high-end sim racing wheelbase by Fanatec,
featuring direct drive technology for realistic and powerful force feedback,
high torque output, multi-platform compatibility, durable build quality,
customization options, and upgradability. It’s designed for serious
sim racing enthusiasts and professionals.



Steering wheel with flaps and buttons
Premium racing simulation steering wheels known for their quality.
They offer a realistic and customisable racing experience for enthusiasts.



Load cell or hydraulic pedals
Sim racing load cell pedals and hydraulic pedals are advanced input devices
used in sim racing. Load cell pedals use a load cell sensor to measure
pedal pressure accurately, offering a more realistic and precise brake feel.
Hydraulic pedals employ a hydraulic system to replicate the resistance and
response of real car pedals, enhancing immersion and providing a lifelike driving
experience for virtual racers.



A sim racing shifter is a device that adds a realistic gear-shifting
experience to racing simulations, enhancing immersion
by mimicking manual or sequential gear changes in virtual cars.



Load cell handbrake
A sim racing load cell handbrake is a high-precision, realistic,
and durable handbrake designed for use in sim racing setups.
It uses a load cell sensor to accurately measure the force applied
by the user, providing a more immersive and precise experience when
simulating real-world racing and drifting maneuvers.


Single ultrawide 49 inch. monitor OR 3x 32 inch. monitors
They typically feature high refresh rates, low response times, and adaptive
sync technologies to provide smooth and responsive gameplay.
These monitors come in various sizes and resolutions to cater to different
gaming preferences and hardware capabilities

Gaming computer 2lv. specs. :
GPU: 4070ti
CPU: 13400f
SSD: 1tb
PSU: 750w
Mid tower
Tower cooler

Gaming Headphones
Wireless gaming headphones provide cable-free gaming audio
with features like surround sound and built-in microphones for
an immersive experience.


Included accessories
From a wireless keyboard and mouse to
all the cables necessary to
complete the experience.

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