Rookie Simulator Setup

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Simulator setup for rookie players

Rookie setup specification:

  • D2D Rookie frame with single screen mount
  • Racing seat with adjustment sliders
  • Direct Drive Wheel base 5nm or 8nm
  • Steering wheel with flaps
  • Load cell pedals
  • Single monitor (32 inch. ,34 inch. or 49 inch.)
  • Gaming computer 1lv. specs.
  • Gaming headphones
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse

D2D Rookie frame with single screen mount
Aluminium profile Sim Cockpit, manufactured by
Dream2Drive. Cockpit has no flex with even
the mightiest wheels bases.
Dimensions: 1300mm x 600mm



Racing seat with adjustment sliders
Bucket racing seat, just like in a race car.
The sliders will allow you to get the most
comfortable seating



Direct Drive Wheel base
When the steering wheel is directly mounted to
the motor shaft, there’s no belt or gear drive to
dilute the force feedback effects. Direct Drive is
the clear choice of all professional drivers and
enthusiast sim racers


Steering wheel with flaps
The steering wheel is meticulously crafted anodized
aluminum and swathed in Alcantara for a
luxurious touch. Its stiffness offers precise control,
providing a true to life exprerience of every virtual racing scenario




Load cell pedals
The customized load cell boasts exceptional durability,
enabling the application of realistic and substantial
pressure for precise brake control through muscle tension.


Single monitor
From a 32 inch. or 34 Inch.
curved monitor to a 49 inch. ultrawide.

Gaming computer spec:
GPU: 4060ti
CPU: 10700kf
SSD: 1tb
PSU: 650w
Mid tower
16GB ram
Tower cooler


Included accessories
From a wireless keyboard and mouse to
all the cables necessary to
complete the experience.

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