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Turbo Oil and water Lines HIGH BOOST BAR-TEK®

235,00 + VAT

Available on backorder

BAR-TEK® cable set Universal kit for upgrade loader Complete set Extremely temperature resistant Dash System

High quality kit for installing a turbocharger e.g. in the Polo G40, Corrado G60, Golf 1.8T, VR6, TFSI or in the 16V.

It is a complete set with inlet and outlet lines for the oil and water circuit.

Oil line with Teflon core (extremely temperature-resistant):

  • 1x Dash 4 for inlet to the turbo 1 meter long

Water leads with rubber core and nylon coating:

  • 1x Dash 6 for inlet to the turbo with matching banjo bolts 50mm long
  • 1x Dash 6 for return from turbo with connection fittings 60mm long
  • 1x oil line Dash 10 for return to the oil pan 0.5m long
  • 2x passenger aluminum flanges for return with seals
  • All hoses comes with the correct fittings

This universal kit fits all engines that have an upgrade charger (e.g. Garrett, EFR, etc.)

(Picture similar. Set comes in black)

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