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Hydraulic sim racing pedals

2.200,00 + VAT

There is no secret that pedals are the most important part of the simulator and quality pedals bring the results!
Dream 2 Drive pedal box system created and developed by racing drivers.

  • The system is made using real car materials widely used in the motorsport world.
  • Hydraulic clutch and brake cylinders that give the real feel and the development of muscle memory for a real car.
  • The construction is made of forged aluminum by Tilton Engineering.
  • Simple Plug’n’Play connection straight to PC using the USB port.
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    Download the DiView software. Calibration tool for the D2D pedal box.

    This product is compatible with PC only. (Not supporting PS, Xbox, and other consoles)

    – Tilton 600 forged aluminum powder-coated 3 pedals

    – Hydraulic brake pedal with adjustable pedal ratio according to the driver.

    – Wilwood master and slave cylinder

    – Bosch pressure sensor and throttle sensor

    – Adjustable pedal pads position

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